Why Should You Do Charity

5 Compelling Reasons To Do Charity

The charity offers a glimpse of hope in a world plagued by poverty, conflict, and sickness. Australia is one of the world’s top donors, but are you among them? There are many ways to help the needy. You can participate by volunteering, advocating, and donating money.

But most people don’t realise it, or even bother to ask the question – why should you do charity?

Join a cause

The world needs help, and you can play a part in changing lives for the better. As humans, we tend to have a soft spot for particular issues, such as feeding the poor or finding the cure to cancer.

It always just seems like yesterday that your friend or colleague ran a marathon or attended a bake sale for charity, right? Why don’t you get out there and socialise while supporting a good cause?

Be part of something

Tiny actions accumulate and eventually move mountains. Your own donation may seem insignificant, but if you take a step back and see the big picture, you’ll realise that millions of donations like yours, when put together, lay the foundations to important humanitarian projects worldwide.

You can be part of something bigger than yourself; something larger than life.

Remind yourself to be grateful

Sisters of Charity Foundation

Donating to charity reminds you of how blessed you are. The things you often complain about will seem trivial as you become more aware of the struggles of others.

Raise empathetic kids

Set an example by bringing your kids to charitable events. Not only will it teach them gratitude from a young age, but also instill feelings of empathy so that they grow up to be kind and considerate adults.

Tax deduction

Donations to most nonprofit organisations like the Sisters of Charity Foundation are tax deductible.

To find out more, visit their website at https://www.sistersofcharityfoundation.com.au/.

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