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AIG Malaysia’s Hottest Insurance Services Offers

For over 60 years since its beginning in 1953, AIG Malaysia serves Malaysia with insurance & risk management solutions that customized to match the demands of individuals and businesses. With 15 offices nationwide and growing, AIG’s operation is supported by a significant network of brokers, agents, and schemes. These resources have allowed them to deliver prime quality delivery in terms of services and exceeds clients’ requirements.

car insurance malaysia

Comprehensive Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

A life or business not insured against the uncertain future usually are frightening for individuals and businesses. To supply both sorts of customers a fulfilment, AIG Malaysia has formulated different types of services and products that would satisfy their demands. People always want to seek the best medical insurance and car insurance cover that really understands their needs.

When acquiring assets for instance homes and cars, the authority renders insurance purchase mandatory to make sure that the public can safeguard themselves during mishaps. When the customers want to pick the car or house insurance from AIG, they would be competent to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the proper premium. For more insurance’s details visit

Nevertheless, to enable you to protect ones well being would be the ultimate necessity. Just for this, AIG and also its particular agents are generally working to maximise understanding of the value of health insurance coverage. This effort definitely seems to be fruitful because statistics of health insurance and personal accident insurance subscription continues to be showing an optimistic growth.

Travel Insurance That Keeps You Happy And Safe

What’s more, consumers also travel more all the time, especially due to the lower travelling cost and continuing development of the local businesses to global markets. Wanting to ensure clients can travel peacefully, AIG gives a complete travel insurance plan which could be purchased that ensures both internal and abroad trips.

Moreover, for businesses, AIG has always been actively offering a high-level risk management plan which is usually tightly related to the requirements. Whether an extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting and captive services insurance or simply trade credit insurance, corporate customers can alter their very own subscription plan with AIG to stop both over insurance and underinsurance.

There’s no doubt how the broad range of plan is able to serve clients from different sectors, like for example manufacturing, education, financial, transportation, aviation, plus more. In expressing their receptiveness on the change in market trend along with the rapid surge in amounts of startups, AIG has created an SME package that will serve entrepreneurs protect their business as they simply grow.

car insurance malaysia

Hence, companies and people that happen to be interested to sign up any specific insurance coverage from AIG will be able to get a quote through their site. As well as, customers could also browse through the number of authorized agents near their residing place to be given a more personal service.

Insurance For Your Precious e-Commerce Items

AIG Malaysia is quite mindful of the shifting trend of purchase that focuses much more on e-commerce. With that in mind, they’ve recently worked together with Lazada Malaysia to make insurance purchase for sale in the e-commerce platform. Upon purchase and after going through a few quick stages in registration, customers will surely have their insurance plan activated within Three days.

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