best samsung s9 screen protectors

Best Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Protectors

Samsung devices are durable, but accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. To avoid scratches and bumps, you might want to consider getting protection for your phone.



Even with a curved display and no bezels on the side, you can still use a screen protector on a Samsung S9 Plus. For S9 Plus screen protectors, there are different levels and styles of durability. The price could range from affordably cheap films to the expensive tempered glass.

If you don’t plan on keeping your phone in a case, a screen protector is highly recommended.

Here are some recommendations of screen protectors for the Samsung S9 Plus:

Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass (UV Install)

If the idea of applying liquid on your phone screen doesn’t scare you, Whitestone is probably perfect for you.

Using a unique liquid installation process where you manually install the screen protector, and if that isn’t crazy enough, a UV Dome Light machine is given to “cure” the liquid.

When most glass protectors don’t fit or have gaps, thus affecting the sensitivity, Whitestone doesn’t fail you. The entire area of the screen is filled with liquid and curves the glass to the screen. And there is nothing worry about as it is not permanent and you can be remove it anytime.

Caseology Tempered Glass (Easy Install Tray)

It isn’t easy applying screen protectors, half of the time we just mess up. That is why Caseology is on this list because of its simple installation tray.

With Caseology, a super simple installation tray is given to you that perfectly aligns the glass protector for you. All you need to do is pull off the protective film, line it up, and drop it in place. If there are any bubbles, use the included squeegee to get rid of them.

Every Caseology 9H reinforced glass with anti-fingerprint coatings and rounded edges work well with cases because the edges are a little shorter so the case doesn’t pull up and ruin the screen protector. Not to mention, it’s not that pricey too.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass

If you don’t wish to burn a hole in your pocket to protect your S9 Plus, you might want to consider a screen protector from Tech Armor.

Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass scores a 9H on the hardness scale, and is a completely reinforced durable glass cut to perfection. Aside from a few sensors on the top, this screen protector protects the whole screen. This glass is curved to match the S9 Plus, and it is color-matched to the bottom bezel.


Regardless on how much you decide to spend on screen protectors, it is better to pay a few bucks than nothing at all.

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