Ebene Malaysia

How Ebene Commercialised Traditional Chinese Medicine

Until the inception of modern medicine, the Chinese traditional practitioners discovered an essential to a great health, which is a perfect oxygen together with blood flow. Seeing that the concept had ended up demonstrated to be true, Ebene started to distribute items that adopt this idea for their consumers’ benefit.

Ebene’s Technology

Ebene’s products are integrated with some of the greatest technologies one can find that promote better circulation of blood. Definitely one of it will be the Bio-Ray, a man-made infrared technology formed by minerals that can emit energy within the flesh and bone to enhance circulation, improve oxygen supply, and also reduce fat.

Ebene’s Products

In Malaysia, Ebene is most commonly known for their knee guards. This product is perfect for people that are active in sports, the elder people, and in addition those experiencing pain in the knee as a consequence of various reasons. According to your family needs, Ebene offers standard knee guard and furthermore knee guards with metal support.

Ebene’s knee guard is a great choice as a means to decrease any kind of inflammation & swelling you have got within the knee area. This is possible from the heat as well as energy transmitted into the covered area where it improved the blood flow. Plus, this product has got an adjustable strap, giving users the perfect fit.

Ebene also provides a really perfect way to people looking for the best ankle support product. The simple truth is especially for those people that often experience pain or strains in the area caused by intense feet movement. However, as non-movement can certainly cause strain, the goods could also be worn to control this problem.

Understanding that consumers will have to wear the item regularly to be able to gain the most benefit from it, Ebene has intentionally come up with a product which includes a washable material. However, in order to preserve the substance, you’re advised only to use a mild detergent to clean & avoid too much rubbing.

Plus, Ebene also has got compression socks that can be worn on a daily basis. It contributes greatly to enhance blood and oxygen circulation, which can eventually reduce steadily the pain you’re experiencing. In addition, the socks keep your feet warm, thereby can help to prevent foot cramp which you have during the night time.


As we commonly wear shoes for very long hours in the workplace, this product will definitely be a perfect fit in order to reduce soreness. Additionally, individuals that walk a substantial distance to work routinely, and even folks that sit on long flights can also enjoy amazing benefits in this foot massage socks.


These are just a handful of the many useful products made available from Ebene Malaysia. Should you want for more information on all the different products sold, you can take a look at Ebene’s official website at ebene.com.my. Plus, if you’re looking to buy online, you can check out Guardian Malaysia & Caring Pharmacy’s website.

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