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Handy Tips When Testing-Driving A Car


Ever bought something online because you thought it looked awesome, but changed your mind once it arrived and you actually put it on? Well, the experience is quite comparable to purchasing a car, but with more money at stake and without a refund policy.

For this reason, it is terribly important to test-drive a car before committing to buying one. It’s not enough to just read reviews and make judgements from photos online as these things are polished to perfection. You have to be hands-on with it before making up your mind because hey, people feel very differently about a car after test-driving it most of the time.

We’ve come up with a short guide on all the things you should consider when test-driving a car:

Do Your Homework

Never get in touch with a car dealership before doing tons of comparisons and research. Narrow your search down to about three preferred cars that you wish to test-drive based on price, fuel efficiency, and then style. Yes, in that pecking order. Be sensible!

Make Appointments

Don’t just waltz in and expect to test-drive a car. It may not always be readily available. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment at least a day before so that the salesperson can prep and clean the car for you.

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When you arrive at the car dealership, assess the car as best you can before hopping in. Spend a few moments thinking about whether you really like the colour, spaciousness, and features of the car. Does it complement your lifestyle? Would it look good in your driveway? What else are you going to put in it?


Car dealerships usually have a fixed route they’ll take you on during a test-drive. If the route does not really resemble your daily commute, you should ask the salesperson to allow you to modify the course for a better feel of things.

This is also the part where you experiment with built-in features like the infotainment and navigation systems, and take careful note of a car’s acceleration, braking, handling, suspension, and etc. You don’t wanna get stuck with minor issues that you will find irritating in the future.


Reassess all the cars you’ve tested and make a mental comparison of them side-by-side. Go with the car you love, and never be influenced by the persuasion of a desperate salesperson.

Once you’ve decided, go ahead and make that big commitment, and don’t forget to get AIG Motor Insurance for your new car too! If you want to more about AIG, click to their website at

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