Decide Between Two Candidates

Here’s How to Decide Between Two Strong Candidates

Recruiters are always on the lookout for quality candidates. However, it is not that simple when there is a constant shortage of skilled talents.

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Finding a qualified candidate is already a miracle, but what happens when two equally outstanding talents have been neck and neck throughout the entire hiring process? How do you decide between the two?

Here are some tips to help you solve your dilemma.

Choosing Between Two Candidates JobStreet Singapore EmployerThink of the future

Both of these candidates might fulfill an immediate need for your company, but you have to look beyond the present.

Determine the future plans of the company and ask yourself, which candidate will likely stay and grow in the organization?

Assess their enthusiasm and interest

You probably have conducted a few interviews with both candidates, but who looks more engaged in the hiring process? They are probably both excited about the position if they’ve made it this far, but it is likely you will identify the more enthusiastic candidate, even if it’s only a hairsbreadth difference.

Some questions you can ask them are why they are so motivated? Why should you hire them? What skills can they bring?

Take them out for a drink

While both candidates are equally skilled, you should also take their personality into account. How they behave and think might not be immediately apparent in a formal interview, so it’s a good idea to meet them in a relaxed setting.

Make sure to include your team in this outing, so you can observe how the candidates will interact with other fellow employees. You can also ask for opinions from your team members on which candidate to select, or if they have a favorite.


As a hiring manager, your choice is crucial in deciding who will join the company. The great news is, you’re likely to end up with an excellent hire anyway with two quality talents.

Use your better judgment and trust your gut instincts. Or you could hire both of them if your company allows.

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