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3 Top Things That Attract The Millennials

Millennials or Generation Z have been involving themselves into the corporate world as we speak now. They are known to be independent, passionate, entrepreneurial and most importantly for today’s development, a tech savvy individual.

This is also why every free job posting sites in the world is flooded with them. As modern world nowadays moving towards online, all the people in this era using these website to find a job. Be sure you as recruiter have what is takes to attract them.

According to Forbes, nearly 75 percent of the workforce will be consisting of millenials by the year 2025. Hence, the challenge is to attract them by now before the year hits you! 

Here’s everything you should know on how to attract and retain millennials.

jobstreet ph free job posting sites

Passion and Purpose: Main Key for Millenials

It is easy to disregard the idea of passions in exchanging for a good salary and benefits, however, for millennials; they are always seeking for the fulfilling and meaningful work. 

When you start recruiting, it is important to communicate to them regarding the company’s mission and highlight about their desires to find the purpose and value of work and life.

Flexible Hours and Autonomy

The first generation that has actively pursue the balance of work and life is millennials because they value family and friends; at the same time, prefer jobs that would prioritise their life as well.

A sense of autonomy is not bad, however, you need to know the capacity and credibility of the millenials in multitasking and completing their work within a time frame. For instance, as long as they work for 8 hours, they can come and leave any time they want, or have Fridays off a month or twice a month. 

Social Media is a Priority

Facebook and Twitter usage in a workplace may not be allowed in some companies. However, some millenials do look at that aspect of freedom.

A simple advice: Use this to your advantage. Encourage the usage of social media and ask them to be the digital advocates for the company or brand. From there alone, they can use their personal experience and knowledge to increase the brand awareness and attract new fans. 

Looking back at it, social media freedom can definitely be a win-win situation for you and your millennial employees. So why not utilise rather than banning it?

It’s Finally The Time to Recruit

Now that the tips have been given, you can start searching for your millennial candidates in no time.