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Mobile banking: Should I use it?

With the usage of technology rapidly advancing over the years, the plethora of methods used for banks has most certainly evolved. With the endless ways of banking, the pinnacle that catches our eyes is definitely the embodiment of practicality, convenience and most importantly, safety.

So what exactly is the hype in mobile banking? We will enlighten you and hopefully, you’ll see the bigger picture!

Be mindful of what you spend

With mobile banking, you can see your balance directly. The digits, whether small or large, are prominently within your vision. As terrifying as it may sound, we assure you that it is far better to be knowledgeable than not! Apart from that, you can scrutinize your past spending and have a better vision of how to control your spending in the foreseeable future!

Make payments wherever and whenever!

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Afraid that you are unable to make payments on time? Neglecting to take time off your hustling and bustling lifestyle? Are you on a vacation? Or at work? Fret not, even with all the hardships you are facing individually, you can pay bills with just one click.

Services made simple

With the limited features available, it is far easier to master all the skills of online banking. Whether you are a technologically savvy or a novice computer user, we cater to all your needs by making it as accessible as possible. You don’t have to worry about having to go the extra mile to be an expert!

Transfer money with ease

Online banking means you won’t have to worry about physically having to transfer money to the other individual – sometimes we all like to snoop away from the public eye and seemingly disappear for a good week. Admit it, it’s a conventional practice. With just a click, the money will be directed immediately to the other person (provided that you’ve sent it to the right contact).

Safety? We got you covered.

In the past, we used to prioritize our safety and our wellbeing. In this modern world, we seem to prioritize our phone’s safety before our very own. Misplacing our phones and pickpocketing comes easily in this technological world and if you are not in luck, it may happen to you too!


It does not require additional effort or work – download an app on your device and proceed to use mobile banking to track all your expenses and to purchase things on the go!