Tips to Keep Your Knees in Good Shape

Tips to Keep Your Knees in Good Shape

Are you struggling with knee problems?

“You’re as old as your knees” is a saying that is especially true with people who practice strenuous physical exercises like dance, combat arts, and sports. However, it can also happen with excessive walking whilst not getting sufficient rest as the knee tissue needs time to heal.

Pain occurs when you overuse or abuse your knees over the long term. An imbalanced fitness routine could also be severe on the knees and lead to micro-tears when suddenly strained by unfamiliar movements. During exercise, many people typically overuse some muscles while neglecting to use the others completely.

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Be extra careful when you work out, ladies!

This does not necessarily mean that knee issues are unavoidable. You can take charge and condition your knee joints through regular stretching and strength-based exercises. The following is a list of specific exercise you can incorporate into your routine to keep your knees supple and pain-free. I have included a bunch of videos on Youtube that would be very helpful to demonstrate how you can perform these exercises.

Wall Sit

This multi-focusing pose exercises the abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings. It’s a great alternative to lunges and squats while still achieving the same effect.

Leg Lift

This exercise targets your quadriceps and hip flexors. It enhances the walking motion by stimulating the other muscles that may not be commonly used.


An exercise for the glutes, trunk, and hamstrings as well as the lower back and abdominal muscles. Also great for improving flexibility.

Single calf raise

The stability of your ankle impacts the alignment of your knees. This exercise increases the strength of your calf as well as coordination and balance.

Quadriceps stretch

Another one that focuses on the quadriceps and hip flexors. For this exercise, you should only do it to a point where you feel a slight stretch, not pain.

Hurdled stretch

Good for the hamstrings, gluteal muscles, and lower back. It is important to never lock your knees during this exercise.


Light exercise is always the key, which also is the concept of physiotherapy. You should maintain a healthy weight, never overexert your knees, and stretch constantly to keep the joints flexible and loose. For added measure, you should wear Ebene’s extra-strength knee guard which works well from our experience or check out their other products at, but please see a doctor if you have knee pain that persists for more than a week.

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