Why You Should Bring Your Children on Vacation
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Why You Should Bring Your Children on Vacation

Vacations are usually a way for us to kick back and unwind to better re-focus on the work ahead, but there are also inherent benefits in bringing your children along. While on vacation, you switch to leisure mode and are relaxed enough to give your children the utmost attention they need, which often gets overlooked at home.

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As a parent, you may not think much about why you spend time with your children; it just comes naturally right? Yes, but it’s useful to know that playful and meaningful interaction with your children is a form of “attachment play”, otherwise simply understood as bonding. Children who are tightly bonded with their parents exude greater self-esteem because they get the impression that their presence delights people (you).

Why Are Vacations Important?

For this reason, you should strive to take your children on holiday with you as often as you can. Now that’s not to say you and your spouse will never enjoy an exclusive romantic getaway ever again, but finding a healthy balance will be the key.

A lesser-known fact is that holidays are great for the development of your children’s brain function. This is due to the stimulation of the “play” and “seek” system (Panksepp, 2016) in the brain while on holiday. In simple terms, the “play” system is at work every time you bury your children in a sand tomb or carry them on your back. The “seek” system is exploratory in nature, which is activated when they’re sightseeing with you.

Concentration in Nature

Some studies suggest that the ability to concentrate in children increases after being immersed in nature for twenty minutes. Playing in greener settings are also more helpful to children with ADHD.

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